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A digital workspace for the hospitality industry that keeps you HSE compliant and actually helps you run your business better.

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Easy to Use

Give your team a running start with HSE

No more complicated employee HSE training. We turn HSE from theory into action. From effortless onboarding and coursing, to user-friendly features and automations, HSE doesn’t get easier than this.

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HSE Compliant

Be in control during your next inspection

Runwell makes health and safety a natural part of you and your employee's daily routines. This helps ensure you’re always HSE compliant and fully up-to-date during your next inspection.  

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Fully Digital

Run your business safer, smarter and better

Save time and money while creating a safer workplace. With smart and automated features you'll be able to run your business better and pass your next inspection with flying colours.

How it works

The days of outdated documents, sleepless nights and failed inspections are over. Runwell is here to reinvent how you run your  hospitality business.



Hit the ground running with easy setup

No more demos or sales meetings. Setup your business with just a few clicks. Runwell automatically adjusts your location workspace and HSE requirements to match your business. Giving you everything you need to manage HSE and your team.

Hospitality specific
Manage multiple locations
Automated HSE requirements
And more
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Setting up your location
Easily manage your employees


Get your employees up and running in no time

Invite your employees and we’ll handle the rest. Runwell’s easy onboarding automatically gathers employee information and gets them started with pre-made courses and tasks based on their assigned roles.

Easy employee onboarding
Predefined courses and training
Smart roles and key personnel
And more
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Stay up to date with HSE that runs itself

From routine tasks, employee training and documentation, to licenses, contracts and reports, Runwell automatically keeps you up to date by letting you know what you're missing and when and how to fix it.

Digital document management
Automated routine tasks  
Smart reminders
And more
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Easily manage all documentation
The Runwell app dashboard


The easiest way to run your business

Run your business better, while staying HSE compliant. Runwell helps organise, automate and maintain good HSE practices. Making health and safety procedures part of your businesses everyday routines.

Automated HSE plans
Digital feedback management (HSE deviation) 
Smart HSE procedures
And more
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From easy onboarding and user-friendly features, to smart reminders and automated procedures, managing your business and team doesn’t get easier than this.

Visual Courses

Courses are easy and intuitive, automatically created and assigned by role and location requirements.

Smart Tasks

We turn routine HSE procedures into automated recurring tasks which are assigned to relevant employees. 

Run your team

Turn your team into HSE pros! Easily manage employees in one place, with automated onboarding, smart tasks, courses and much more.

Feedback made easy

A smarter way to submit and manage HSE feedback. Easily monitor progress and keep track of feedback in one place.

Automated HSE plans

We gather and analyse all relevant information into one place, helping you plan and define HSE goals and determine risk.

Service Providers

Assign third-party service providers and Runwell will automatically manage and maintain contracts and reports all in one place.

Smart Procedures

Features like courses,  tasks, and risk level are automatically connected to help you continually improve your HSE.

Coming soon

Employment contracts

Streamline HR and your hiring process with digital employment contracts.


No start-up costs or hidden fees. Runwell has transparent price models to fit any sized business. Start simple for free and scale up after your needs!

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1 location

For small single location businesses with a few employees.

What’s included:
  • Multiple locations 1 location
  • Unlimited 3 team members
  • All standard features
  • Global organisation control
  • External API integrations
Multiple locations

For small to medium businesses with a medium-sized staff.

per location/month
per user/month
What’s included:
  • Multiple locations
  • Unlimited team members
  • All standard features
  • Global organisation control
  • External API integrations

For larger businesses, with multiple locations and a large staff.

Coming soon
What’s included:
  • Multiple locations
  • Unlimited team members
  • All standard features
  • Global organisation control
  • External API integrations
Enterprise plan

Interested in discussing an enterprise plan for your chain or hospitality group? We’d love to hear from you!

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