Consent to transfer personal data

Runwell collect, process and manage personal data on behalf of our business customers (“Customers”), submitted to the cloud-based visual work management platform, the desktop or mobile applications and related products, integrations, add-ons and extensions services managed and operated by Runwell (collectively, the “Platform”). Please read more in our Privacy Policy.

We process such Customer Data on behalf and under the instruction of the respective Customer in our capacity as a “data processor”, in accordance with our Data Processing Addendum with them. For more information, please refer to Section 9 below.
Accordingly, this Privacy Policy – which describes Runwell’s independent privacy and data processing practices as a “data controller” – does not apply to the processing of Customer Data. If you have any questions or requests regarding Customer Data, please contact your account administrator(s) (“Account Admin”) directly.

By accepting this transfer of data, you consent to Runwell sharing your personal information with your new employer/organization. The information that will be shared is personal information like name, surname, profile picture, address, emergency contact, email address, telephone number and course certificates. 

By accepting the invitation to a new organization and these terms, all organization users in Runwell will be able to see, and owners/admins will be able to edit and delete your personal data. By accepting these terms your data will be shared and possibly changed across multiple organizations. Owners/Admins will not be able to delete your account, but will be available to remove your account from the location/organization they have admin access to. 

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