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Runwell use security solutions to secure our service so your data can be kept safe


We understand that our customers expect us to protect their data with the highest standards and are committed to providing them with a highly secure and reliable environment. Our security model and controls are based on international standards.

How do we secure your data?

Our systems are hosted on multiple Availability Zones at Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to provide a reliable service and keeps your data available whenever you need it. We have also established a disaster recovery site in case something happens with one availability zone ECS (container scheduler), we should start a container in the second one.

Infrastructure Security

Another layer of security is the infrastructure. As stated, Runwell is hosted across multiple AWS Availability Zones. Furthermore, our infrastructure is protected using multiple layers of defense mechanisms, including:

  • Firewalls for enforcing IP whitelisting and access through permitted ports only to network resources
  • Advanced routing configuration
  • Comprehensive logging of network traffic, both internal and edge

Data Encryption

Runwell encrypts all data both in transit and at rest:

  • Traffic is encrypted using TLS 1.3 with a modern cipher suite, supporting TLS 1.2 at minimum
  • Credentials are hashed and salted through Amazon Cognito

Physical Security

Runwell is a cloud-based solution, with no part of our infrastructure retained on-premise. Our physical security in the offices include personal identification based access control and alarm systems.

Runwell’s data centers are hosted on Amazon Web Services where leading physical security measures are employed.

Access Control

We know the data you upload to Runwell is private and confidential. We regularly conduct user access reviews to ensure appropriate permissions are in place, in accordance with the least privilege principle. Employees have their access rights promptly modified upon change in employment.

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